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about nehrc


   1. Establish the health risks of environmental toxicants prevention, harm reduction, and response mechanism in Taiwan.

   2. Introduce methodology of environmental toxicology to develop environmental health and toxicology research and practical application.

   3. Establish environmental toxicant database, and raise awareness of environmental exposure risk and concept of prevention among both policy makers and general public.

   4. Lead domestic experts and develop an international connection platform to form an environmental health team safeguarding the maximum health of the people in Taiwan.


   1. Conduct local study on the health risks of local environmental toxicants in Taiwan.

   2. Strengthen its function to act as a think tank for advising the government on health risks of environmental toxicants.

   3. Elevate the risk knowledge education and communication on environmental health of the general public.

   4. Establish forums for multidisciplinary expertise and gather experts’ consensus.


   1. Plan for environmental toxicology research topics.

   2. Establish risk-oriented decision-supported system platform.

   3. Assess the environmental health education of formal education system before college.

   4. Establish hazardous toxicants screening platform and assist in the establishment of toxicant analysis laboratories with quality assurance.

   5. Establish toxicant information database, to provide definite and sufficient information about each toxicant for the public and government.

   6. Establish public communication, exchange, and information platform, to answer the public on questions about the environmental toxicology and health.



Ministry of Health and Welfare
Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare
Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Labor
Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
National Poison Center