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Toxicology and Risk Assessment Lectures

[2016.10.20] Chemical Carcinogenesis: From Mechanisms and Cancer Risk Assessment to Carcinogen Regulation(Chinese version)

[2016.4.25、26] Risk Management and Communication Conference & Workshop(Chinese version)

[2016.3.5] Toxicologist Certification Course:Nano toxicology, occupational toxicology, forensic toxicology analysis and air pollution(Chinese version)

[2015.10.23] Lecture download-Systematize Training Courses in Food Safety Risk Assessment

[2015.10.20、21] 21st Century Risk Assessment (RISK21) Seminar

[2015.10.7] Exercises: Risk Assessment of Food Safety

[2015.9.24] Risk Analysis of Food Safety: Exposure Data Generation Principle, Analysis and Exposure Assessment

[2015.6.29] Security Assessment Training

[2015.4.11] Toxicologist Certification Course(Chinese version)

[2015.1.31] Toxicologist Certification Course(Chinese version)

[2014.10.23] Risk assessment of chemicals and its application in different situations (Chinese version)

[2014.9.4] Regulatory Toxicology and Toxinformatics (Chinese version)

[2013.11.1] Risk Assessment of Environmental Chemicals:Integration of Epidemiology and Toxicology