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Food Safety

[2015.11.05] Assessing the potential health risks of drinking the tea containing DDT in Taiwan by RISK21 matrix(Chinese version)

[2015.03.02] ToxFAQs-Melamine(Chinese version)

[2015.02.17] EFSA considers to reduce safety limits of bisphenol A(Chinese version)

[2014.10.29] The handout of work shop for senior high school teachers - food safety(Chinese version):從餿水油事件看食品安全  媒體毒物恐懼症

[2014.10.20] The news of excessive chemicals in food in Taiwan (NEHRC, 2013)(Chinese version)

[2014.09.23] Commercial agricultural pesticide residues in Taiwan:Common excessive pesticide toxicology information (NEHRC, 2013)(Chinese version)