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Environmental Health/Air pollution

[2015.12.10] Elemental characterization and source apportionment of PM10 and PM2.5 in the western coastal area of central Taiwan

[2015.11.06] Characteristics of concentrations and metal compositions for PM2.5 and PM2.5-10 in Yunlin County, Taiwan during air quality deterioration

[2015.04.28] Effects of prenatal exposure to air pollutants (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) on the development of brain white matter, cognition, and behavior in later childhood

[2015.03.30] Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and Long-Term Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution in Middle-Aged Residents of Taiwan: A Cross-Sectional Study

[2015.03.17] Association of improved air quality with lung development in children

[2015.03.17] Outdoor particulate matter exposure and lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

[2015.03.13] Air pollution and lung cancer incidence in 17 European cohorts: prospective analyses from the European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects (ESCAPE)

[2015.03.12] What is particle matter (PM)? (Chinese version)

[2015.03.09] Air pollution Q&A(Chinese version)

[2015.01.29] Taiwan EPA releases “2014 Taiwan Green Gas Inventory Report Summary”

[2014.04.18] IARC publishes Air Pollution and Cancer (part 2) (Chinese version)

[2014.04.10] IARC publishes Air Pollution and Cancer (part 1) (Chinese version)

[2013.11.08] Announcement of outdoor air pollution is a leading environmental cause of cancer deaths by WHO (Chinese version)

[2013.06.20] Health effects of particulate matter by WHO Regional Office for Europe

[2013.05.20](2013.6.14 update)Minutes of public hearing on particulate matters (PM2.5)on health and preventive measures (Chinese version)  ClickDownload

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