[NICEATM/PCRM網路講座] 利用新穎測試方法解決族群差異性和敏感性的問題 影片已上網



       美國國家毒物計畫替代性毒理學方法跨部門評估中心(The NTP Interagency Center for the Evaluation of Alternative Toxicological Methods, NICEATM)與美國負責任醫學醫師委員會(The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, PCRM)於10月26至27日共同舉辦主題為「利用新穎測試方法解決族群差異性和敏感性的問題」(Using New Approach Methodologies to Address Variability and Susceptibility Across Populations)的線上研討會。此研討會將聚焦於確認NAM於現在與未來在環境與健康評估議題的機會與挑戰,以及如何設計與改善新測試方法(NAMs),以提供解決族群差異性(Variability)和敏感性(Susceptibility)問題所需要的相關資訊。目前研討會之完整影片已公開上網並收錄於本站「網路講座」專區,歡迎前往觀看影片。


Overcoming Challenges in Use of NAMs to Inform Population Variability and Susceptibility in Regulatory Decision-making
Maureen Gwinn, Ph.D.
Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Chemical Exposures and Impacts at the Local Public Health Level
Shirlee Tan, Ph.D.
Public Health - Seattle and King County

Determining the Role of Environmental Exposures on Kidney Health Outcomes in Tropical Farming Communities
Nishad Jayasundara, Ph.D.
Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

Investigating GxE Neurotoxicant Vulnerabilities Across Life Stage and Populations Using iPSCs
Aaron Bowman, Ph.D.
School of Health Sciences, Purdue University

Integrating Bayesian Approaches with PBPK Modeling in a Human Health Risk Assessment
Wei-Chun Chou, Ph.D.
Center for Environmental and Human Toxicology, University of Florida

Comparative Genomics for Precision Toxicology
Brian Oliver, Ph.D.
National Institutes of Health

網路講座 - 利用新穎測試方法解決族群差異性和敏感性的問題
Symposium Webinar: Using New Approach Methodologies to Address Variability and Susceptibility Across Populations


  1. 考量族群差異性和敏感性問題的新穎測試方法(NAM):皮膚試驗模型
    NAMs to Address Population Variability and Susceptibility
  2. 對抗罕見疾病:應用組織晶片的臨床試驗
    Clinical Trials on Chips to Tackle Rare Diseases
  3. 化學暴露與易感族群
    Chemical Exposure and Susceptible Populations

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校稿:林嬪嬪 研究員