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2022.5.16 Taiwan COA announced amendments on partial articles of "Test Standards for Veterinary Drugs" for implementation of the 3Rs
2022.4.19 JRC supporting alternatives to animal testing
2022.4.12 EURL ECVAM Status Report (2021) - Non-animal Methods in Science Regulation
2022.3.17 The Brazilian Centre for Validation of Alternative Methods
2022.3.7 Taiwan Council of Agriculture (COA) announced to stop using vaccines manufactured from rabbits for classical swine fever
2022.2.18 Adverse Outcome Pathway Framework - Study Report
2022.2.17 Addressing evidence needs in chemicals policy and regulation
2022.2.11 Framework for the Use of Systematic Review in Chemical Risk Assessment
2022.1.25 Protection of laboratory animals: The point of view of the animals should be considered with regard to their housing conditions in the laboratory
2022.1.20 The OECD is collaborating with scientific journals in the field of AOP development
2021.12.24 Animal-free Safety assessment of chemicals: Project cluster for Implementation of novel Strategies
2021.12.13 U.S. EPA Releases Updated NAMs Work Plan
2021.9.24 An updated version of the QSAR Toolbox 4.5 was released
2021.8.31 ESAC Opinion on the Scientific Validity of the GARDskin and GARDpotency Test Methods
2021.8.30 Guidance document on the characterisation, validation and reporting of Physiologically Based Kinetic (PBK) models for regulatory purposes
2021.8.27 A survey of the alternatives to animal testing used by pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan
2021.8.9 BASF and Givaudan Develop First OECD-Approved Animal Test Alternatives
2021.7.15 European Pharmacopoeia to put an end to the rabbit pyrogen test
2021.7.2 Validation study of a new reconstructed human epidermis model EPiTRI for in vitro skin irritation test according to OECD guidelines (ITRI, TAIWAN)
2021.7.1 ALTERTOX homemade video: About NAMs - EP1
2021.6.22 OECD Issues Guideline for Skin Sensitization Assessment and Other New Documents
2021.5.14 Taiwan legislators suggested a national 3R center at the first examining meeting on the amendment draft of MoST organization (written in Mandarin)
2021.4.29 How Non-Animal Testing Can Reshape Health and Environment Policies
2021.3.17 Supporting the adoption of microphysiological systems for COVID research
2021.2.23 PETA-ISC Activities Now Being Conducted by PETA-SCI
2021.2.20 Updates to the EPA List of Alternative Test Methods to Animal Testing
2021.2.9 EURL ECVAM Status Report (2020) - Non-animal Methods in Science Regulation
2021.1.28 EPA Finalizes Guidance to Waive Toxicity Tests on Animal Skin
2021.1.14 FDA In Brief: FDA Publishes Report on Advancing Alternative Methods
2020.12.18 Taiwan MoHW announced to amend the "Health Food Safety Assessment Methods" to support the implementation of 3Rs (written in Mandarin)
2020.12.17 How to implement alternative test methods to animals in Taiwan: Analyzing the advantages, disadvantages and future challenges (written in Mandarin)
2020.12.16 FDA Launches Pilot Program to Support Novel Approaches to Drug Development
2020.12.14 VICH release GL59-Harmonisation of criteria to waive Laboratory Animal Batch Safety Testing for vaccines for veterinary use
2020.12.10 FDA Partnership to Apply Lung Chips to Safety Evaluation of COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapies
2020.12.3 Alternatives to Animal Testing: Epaa Achievements (15 Years of Public - Private Partnership)
2020.11.19 Taiwan EAST was awarded the LUSH Lobbying Prize 2020 for prioritising non-animal alternatives in the chemical registration process.
2020.10.27 European Commission Publishes Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability
2020.10.21 Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA) case study project
2020.10.15 Strategic Vision for Adopting New Approach Methodologies
2020.10.13 EPA Announces Guidance to Waive Toxicity Tests on Animal Skin
2020.9.18 The zebrafish embryo testing model can be applied for evaluation of the aquatic toxicity of textile auxiliaries or dyes following bluesign® criteria (written in Mandarin)
2020.8.3. ICCVAM 2018-2019 Biennial Progress Report
2020.7.29. The Use of Alternatives to Animal Testing for the REACH regulation-Fourth report under Article 117(3) of the REACH Regulation
2020.7.20. Endocrine disruptors: new in vitro test method validated by the JRC included in an OECD test guideline
2020.7.9. OECD adopted a set of updated and corrected Test Guidelines for chemicals safety testing
2020.7.7 EPA New Approach Methods Work Plan: Reducing Use of Animals in Chemical Testing
2020.5.25 EURL ECVAM Recommendation on Non-Animal-Derived Antibodies
2020.5.7 FDA’s Alternative Methods Working Group
2020.4.24 Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) regarding the Availability of Emergency Competitive Revisions to Existing NIH Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Tissue Chips Research on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus
2020.4.14 Mexican Senate passes bill to outlaw cosmetic animal testing
2020.3.18 EURL ECVAM Status Report on the Development, Validation and Regulatory Acceptance of Alternative Methods and Approaches (2019)
2019.12.1 The Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau (TCSB) of Taiwan EPA will promote using alternatives to animal testing in the chemical registration process gradually. (written in Mandarin)
2019.9.11 Administrator Wheeler Signs Memo to Reduce Animal Testing, Awards $4.25 Million to Advance Research on Alternative Methods to Animal Testing
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