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Committing to the 3R spirit (i.e. reduction, replacement and refinement of the use of animals in research), the development and implementation of alternative test methods to animal testing has gradually become a global trend. The "Alternatives" refer to implementation of in vitro tests, in chemico analysis, or in silico modeling for toxicity prediction, instead of using in vivo or animal tests.

For years, many advanced countries have been dedicating in the development and verification and adoption of non-animal alternatives for chemical safety assessment in regulatory use, such as industrial chemicals, pesticides, animal drugs, food and feed additives, and cosmetics. However, Taiwan still needs to catch it up with efforts to increase the domestic testing capacity, disseminate the knowledge of alternatives, and join the international cooperation activities.

For promoting the alternatives to animal testing in Taiwan, we have built a website - Taiwan Alternatives to Animal Testing (TAAT) served as an internet platform updating the latest information and knowledge of alternative testing methods for the publics and the specific users involved in this field. The TAAT website also provides the resources like prediction tools and databases, as well as the webinar videos and related links. That could enable people to learn correct knowledge the alternative testing to animals, and also raise their concerns and cognition of it.


National Environmental Health Research Center, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
National Health Research Institutes

Pinpin Lin, Ph.D.Investigator
Certified toxicologist of the Toxicology Society of Taiwan
Certified toxicologist of the Society of Toxicology

Hsien-Jen Cheng, Ph.D.Postdoctoral researcher
Adjunct assistant professor, Department of Life Sciences, National Central University (NCU), Taiwan.

Juhsin Hsu, MSResearch assistant
Website manager
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This informational website "Taiwan Alternatives to Animal Testing" is under the General Project of Science and Technology -「Establishment of Alternatives Testing Capacity and International Collaboration Mechanism」(2020-2023) supported by grant of Council of Agriculture (CoA), Executive Yuan, Taiwan.